As the proliferation of online casinos continues to grow, Canadians looking at trying their luck at these virtual establishments are spoilt for choice. New casinos might not enjoy the reputation and standing of their more established bricks and mortar counterparts, which might make some question whether or not they are safe to play at. We all know that the Canadian law governing the online gaming market can be unclear, which might leave players out to dry should things turn sour.

This does not mean that all new casinos should be shunned. Indeed, we at would argue the opposite.


As new casinos are looking to build their customer base, sometimes they offer some of the most lucrative and advantageous deals out there, increasing your chances to win bigger and better. In this guide, we will show you what to look out for and how you can increase your level of protection when dealing with a new casino that has just popped up on the internet.


Operators also require special licences issued by the relevant authorities to operate with a specific jurisdiction. They might start out in one jurisdiction and then work on acquiring new licences as they look to expand and increase their market share, just like any other business. Some operators follow an aggressive expansion plan where they apply for many licences at one go. Others will take it slower, applying for new licences only when their current markets reach saturation point and cannot command further growth.