Minimum Deposit Casino

Updated: 7 May 2020

Sometimes known as low deposit casinos, minimum deposit casinos are special in that they allow Canadian players to make lower than normal deposits into their casino account. Often these minimum amounts are anywhere from $1 through $10. One of the most popular options is to play at a $5 minimum deposit casino in Canada. The best part about these minimal deposit casinos is that players can still use their deposit to claim any of the bonuses that are on offer and subsequently move on to play on all the games within that casino. What’s even better is that these types of casinos are also available on mobile versions as well as desktop sites so you can access these minimum deposits from anywhere in Canada.


What you need to know about low deposit casinos

Similar to any other online casino, minimum deposit casinos are really easy to signup to across any platform. They offer quick and simple signup processes that often take mere minutes to complete. They also come with similar terms and conditions, all in place to protect players and the casino, so we do advise that players should always check these out just as they would any other online casino. This is especially important when it comes to the bonuses, as we discussed above. If players don’t follow the bonus rules, both the bonus itself, any bonus winnings and even the player’s status within the casino itself, can all be revoked!