Updated: 28 January 2020

With the opening of its first bitcoin casino, Canada moved well and truly into the cryptocurrency arena. There are now many Canadian casinos online that accept Bitcoin as one of their many payment methods. There are also newer Bitcoin casinos that only deal in cryptocurrencies. One advantage of playing at a Bitcoin Casino in Canada is the promise of anonymity. But casinos that accept bitcoin offer much more than that. They’ll have great game collections and may offer enticing bonuses and other promotions. Read on to find out more!


How do you play at a Bitcoin Casino Canada?

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that playing at a Canadian casino offering Bitcoin is exactly the same as playing at an online casino using any one of the myriad payment options. You still need to sign up for, and create, an account.

In the payment section, all you need to do is select Bitcoin as your preferred deposit/withdrawal method. With fewer hurdles to jump when setting this up, you’ll be up and running a lot faster than the verification processes often required for other payment options..